June 2021 Photos

We really enjoy helping birders with photo opportunities of some of our special Colorado birds.  Here are a few of the photos we’ve taken while our clients are snapping away this past month!  All taken with our Panasonic G9 and a Panasonic/Leica 100-400 mm zoom.  Since the G9 is a micro 4/3rds format sensor, the...Continue reading

May Birding

Two happy birders from Virginia! Day One to Pawnee National Grasslands.  Day Two in Rocky Mountain National Park.  18 Life Birds and a lot of fun!  Here are some of the photo highlights:

New Image Gallery

We occasionally get requests from our clients and friends for a copy of one of our photos taken during our guided tours.  We’ve partnered with Fine Art America to offer some of our favorite images which can be purchased in a wide variety of wall art styles and sizes and many other products.  Thanks for...Continue reading

Ferruginous Hawk

This beautiful Ferruginous Hawk was soaring along the road to Rabbit Mountain yesterday. This species and Rough-legged Hawk are the only North American hawks with fully feathered legs (plus Golden Eagle.) This photo shows the rusty leg feathers that give rise to its name–“ferrugo” is Latin for “iron rust.”

Northern Pygmy-Owl

One of the birds we get a lot of inquiries about is Northern Pygmy-Owl.   We were recently walking in one of our favorite local birding spots.  This morning was pretty quiet bird-wise and it was more walking than birding until a couple of Gray Catbirds caught our attention with their scolding notes.  Looking up in...Continue reading

Blue Grosbeak

Blue Grosbeak is a common summer resident across much of Colorado.  We recently had a chance to photograph a cooperative male bird. This also gave us a chance to explore one of the neat features on the Panasonic G9 camera.  One of the camera options is called Pre-Burst.  Using this setting, we can focus on...Continue reading

A Tale of Two Grasslands

One of the great experiences of birding in Colorado is visiting both the Pawnee National Grasslands and Rocky Mountain National Park. The title of this post is a bit tongue-in-cheek for while the Pawnee National Grasslands (PNG) is a true grassland, the alpine tundra found at the highest parts of Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP)...Continue reading

Gunnison Sage-Grouse by Jeff Kietzmann

December in Colorado – Day Three

On December 10 (Day Three of our Colorado birding tour), we were met early by Marcel Such who is a student at Western State Colorado University in Gunnison and the four of us (Marcel, Jeff Kietzmann, Christian Hagenlocher, and I) headed to the west end of Blue Mesa Reservoir (created in 1966 along 20 miles...

Ferruginous Hawk

December in Colorado – Day One

Many of our Colorado birding tours are focused on north-central Colorado to well-known hotspots including Rocky Mountain National Park and the Pawnee National Grasslands.  In early December, we organized a custom three-day trip that ventured south and west for some of Colorado’s other regional specialities. Jeff from Florida had a very specific list of species...Continue reading

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