Blue Grosbeak

Blue Grosbeak is a common summer resident across much of Colorado.  We recently had a chance to photograph a cooperative male bird. This also gave us a chance to explore one of the neat features on the Panasonic G9 camera.  One of the camera options is called Pre-Burst.  Using this setting, we can focus on a bird, push the shutter button down, and the camera begins recording and saving images in a buffer which stores up to 0.4 seconds.  Then, when you actually push the shutter button, the camera starts taking rapid exposures INCLUDING the prior 0.4 seconds.  I’m never fast enough to actually capture the moment a bird takes off but with this feature, I can click when I see movement knowing the camera is already ahead of me!  The downside is that this runs the battery down more quickly but…well, you can see the upside in these images!



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