COVID-19 Impact

During COVID-19, we are successfully offering safe daylong birding trips:

  • As we follow Colorado social-distancing guidelines, we are successfully offering our daylong birding trips to visiting birders.  To maintain social distancing, you follow us in your own vehicle and we provide you with a two-way radio to alert you to upcoming turns, talk about birds we are seeing along the way, etc. 
  • When we are out of our vehicles, it’s easy to spread out to maintain our distance. A face covering is required at parking lots, trailheads, and when passing other persons on the trail.  We also suggest you bring your own food and drink for the day.
  • We appreciate your understanding that some trip details may need to be modified depending on exact circumstances.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions!
  • For the most recent information on the Colorado COVID-19 response, see here.