Rocky Mountain National Park

Fall Birding in Colorado

Visiting birders to Colorado tend to fall into two main categories:

Many come in April for a Colorado “Chicken Tour” to enjoy the grouse, prairie-chickens, and ptarmigan.  Another major wave of birders visit in the breeding season (May-July) for the great variety of Colorado specialities.  But the fall season also offers tremendous birding opportunities.

Rocky Mountain National Park and fall birding in Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park by Andrew E. Russell via Flickr


Pawnee Buttes Storm Clouds and fall birding in Colorado

Pawnee Buttes Storm Clouds by Michael Kirsh via Flickr


If you are interested in seeing which birds can be found in either Rocky Mountain National Park or the Pawnee National Grasslands, the links below will show you the species that are reported to eBird from these two globally Important Bird Areas during September through November:

CLICK HERE for chart of species reported from Rocky Mountain National Park during September through November
CLICK HERE for chart of species reported from Pawnee National Grasslands during September through November

If you’d like us to help you explore either of these two fascinating destinations, please take a look at our tour options or contact us!

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