Pawnee National Grasslands

Described by author/birder Pete Dunne as one of his favorite birding destinations, Pawnee National Grasslands is one of the most intact examples of short-grass prairie in the Great Basin and a must destination for any birder. Located about 90 minutes north of Denver or 45 minutes east of Ft. Collins, it's best to arrive as early as possible during the day to catch birds at their most active time.  With 180 square miles to cover, most of our birding is done from the car with short hikes out into the open prairies.    Pawnee National Grasslands can be visited any time of year but the best birding is when the summer resident birds are active from April through August.  See the BIRDS tab for more information on what birds can be found at various time during the year.  Please contact us for more information on the chances to find specific birds.

 Your Pawnee Grasslands Adventure includes:
  • Leadership by your experienced and friendly guide, Carl Bendorf
  • Comfortable transportation for up to three participants
  • Pickup and drop off (some locations may have an extra mileage charge)
  • The use of field guides and quality binoculars/spotting scope
  • Tips on how to find more birds through sight and sound

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Most birders come to the Pawnee Grasslands in the spring and summer to find the resident breeding species including Swainson’s Hawks, Golden Eagle, Prairie Falcon, Burrowing Owl, Mountain Plover, Lark Bunting, McCown’s and Chestnut-collared Longspur, and Brewer’s and Cassin’s Sparrows.

The Pawnee Grasslands are one of the most important nesting areas in the world for Mountain Plover.  McCown's Longspurs are easy to find during the summer and it's usually possible to find the less common Chestnut-collared Longspur which prefers more restricted areas of shorter grass.

You can get a good idea of what birds can be found in the grasslands with this bar graph courtesy of eBird.

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