What Our Participants are Saying:

Easily some of the best days of birding I’ve ever experienced.

Birding in Colorado was a “Rocky Mountain High” for me!

I spent two packed days of birding with Colorado Birding Adventures while my wife was in Denver on a business trip.

Those two days were easily some of the best days of birding I’ve ever experienced.

Carl Bendorf, lead guide and owner, made it an experience of a lifetime by getting me on practically all the birds I was desiring to see. (He even made a herculean effort in getting me on a White-tailed Ptarmigan in spite of striking out because of the difficult periods of snow and extreme winds at 12,000 feet. That effort was a reflection of just the kind of birding guide he is.)

I loved spending those two days with Carl, especially that very special moment between him, myself, and a Northern Pygmy Owl, which was my highest target bird on my list for the trip.

The time with Carl solidified a birding philosophy of mine, that it’s not “just” about the birds, it’s also about the birding friendships developed along the way.

My wife was busy with business and couldn’t do any birding with me while we were out there. After listening to me tell of my adventures and seeing my photos, she is excited about getting back out as soon as we can. When we return, we’ll be hooking back up with Colorado Birding Adventures.

If you’re looking for experienced, expert, and personal birding…I HIGHLY RECOMMEND… Carl Bendorf and Colorado Birding Adventures.

Douglas Wayne Gray
Franklin, IN

Amazing and Productive Experience — Can’t Recommend Enough!

“I recently had a phenomenal 2.5 days of birding with Carl Bendorf, the owner of Colorado Birding Adventures. I am an experienced bird photographer but had never had the opportunity to photography in Colorado. I reached out to Carl to not only help maximize my time but take advantage of his skill and experience to find things I likely wouldn’t on my own. My investment really paid off. I was able to get excellent shots of multiple species including several I had never seen or photographed before. Some highlights include superb photos of Black-billed Magpie, Steller’s Jay, Canada Jay, Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch, Prairie Falcon, American Three-toed Woodpecker, Pygmy Nuthatch, American Dipper, Townsend’s Solitaire, and of course the extremely elusive White-tailed Ptarmigan! The ptarmigan was by far the most exciting. We spent several hours well above 12,000 feet looking and were finally rewarded with amazing and close views. I took more than 10,000 images in our time together and am just now going through them. I hope to have them on my website soon at www.stubblefieldphoto.com.

On a personal note, Carl is the quintessential gentleman. Not only is he knowledgeable, he has a tremendously amiable personality that no doubt allowed him to thrive in his previous life as a development officer at a major university. It was an absolute pleasure getting to know him in our short time together. I have no doubt I will be taking advantage of his services again in the near future. I cannot recommend him enough for anyone wanting to see the amazing birds of Colorado.”

Michael Stubblefield, New Jersey September 2018

Above and beyond – a thrilling birding experience!

” I was thrilled with how in-tune my guide, Carl Bendorf, was with helping me find the birds I was looking for. In my case, I was trying to see and photograph as many Colorado birds as possible in a few days, and Carl really went above and beyond to help me achieve that goal. He knows where to find the birds you are looking for. Be prepared for amazing birds and stunning landscapes (and if you are lucky, other critters as well!). This was a beautiful, unforgettable experience – highly recommended!! (one full day Pawnee Grassland, one full day Rocky Mountain National Park)”

Photos submitted by A. Boggan:


A. Boggan, North Carolina
June 2018

Truly outstanding and memorable… not only an amazing birding adventure, but a special life learning experience!

“We were enthralled by our 5 hours of birding around Rocky Mountain National Park. Several picturesque and strategic stops around the park were highlighted by strolls through wooded and forested trails– home to majestic mammals and spectacular birds. Basic birding skills were employed to highlight the experience. Once a species was spotted, significant time was focused on tracking, following and enjoying the bird. Interesting and informative tidbits and stories were shared to heighten the experience. Meaningful conversations punctuated the strolls through the pathways and car rides. And, specially brewed coffee and healthy snacks provided nourishment for the birding adventure. A real treat and very special experience!!!”

Jeff and Rhonda, Centennial, CO
June 2018

Mountain plover and white tailed ptarmigan were highlights

“A Sunday thru Saturday tour with exceptional skill in finding target birds. Planning and research prior to trip was well done as was follow up after the trip with photos and trip details.”

Dick & Sharon Stillwell, West Des Moines IA
April 2018

Highly Recommended Without Hesitation

“As Executive Director of Seven Ponds Nature Center in Lapeer County, Michigan, I contacted Carl about six months ago to inquire about his interest in working with a tour group from Michigan for an extended tour in June of 2017. Carl was very enthusiastic, and within a week of exchanging emails we had worked out the tour details and itinerary. In the ensuing weeks and months leading up to the tour, Carl was a consummate professional, seeing to every detail, making valuable suggestions, and raising questions about issues I hadn’t even considered. He made the process easy and smooth, and at no time was I anything less than fully confident that Carl was the absolute right choice for our tour.

When it came time for the actual birding, Carl was phenomenal. He got our group on dozens of excellent birds, working very hard to ensure we saw as many of our “target” species as possible. Every person in our group relayed to me how much they enjoyed birding with Carl and how they valued his efforts. Truly, he went above and beyond for our group – before, during, and after.

Thanks to Carl Bendorf and Colorado Birding Adventures – highly recommended without hesitation!

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about my experiences working and birding with Carl – dbernard@sevenponds.org”

Daryl Bernard
Seven Ponds Nature Center, LaPeer MI

A Beautiful Day. A Beautiful Experience

Marie and Deacon from Colorado

“My son and I went on our very first birding expedition with Carl, who is a knowledgable and experienced guide. He was wonderful with my teenage son, answering all of my son’s questions with patience and wisdom. I wasn’t a natural with the binoculars, so Carl took out the telescope. Wow! The detail on even the smallest of birds came to life for me. If you are looking to connect to nature, to find solace in your environment, and to spend some quality time with your loved ones, Colorado Birding Adventure is a great way to accomplish those goals.”

Marie & Deacon, Longmont CO
August 2016

I Highly Recommend Colorado Birding Adventures

Bighorn Sheep

“Carl is an experienced, knowledgeable, and personable guide! I chose the full-day trip in Rocky Mountain National Park, telling Carl that although finding life-list birds was my main interest, I also wanted to see the spectacular scenery of the park itself. The itinerary he put together was perfect. I saw two life-listers: a White-tailed Ptarmigan at 12,000+ feet, and later an American Dipper after hiking along a stream at a lower elevation. During the day Carl also pointed out a large herd of elk, a trio of grazing bighorn sheep, an ancient volcano ash flow, different species of pines, and lots of named peaks. But it was the small details of the itinerary that really made the difference. For example, Carl knew which parking areas in the park would be filled at certain times of the day, and where I’d have the best chances to see the birds I was looking for. He also provided a delicious lunch. All of these details made for a really efficient use of my limited time in the park. I highly recommend Colorado Birding Adventures for both hard-core birders and for those who want to get the most out of their outdoor experience in the Front Range. “

John W., Iowa City IA
August 2016

It Was a Great Experience!

“I had a great time birding in Rocky Mountain National Park with Colorado Birding Adventures. Carl Bendorf was a companion as well as a guide. He knew a lot about the various habitats and the locales of where to find specific species. Admittedly, mid-August isn’t the best time to see large numbers of birds, but the birds we saw were terrific and most were lifers for a birder from the East. I can only imagine what a blast it would be to bird with Carl during migration. And he even brought coffee and lunch! The communication we had setting up the trip was easy including a simple questionnaire finding out my birding interests and lunch preferences. Overall, it was a great experience! “

Chuck Berman, Oak Park IL
August 2016

Excellent Colorado Birding Trip!

“Carl was a fantastic guide on our 6 day Colorado Birding trip.  Carl not only found for us an incredible number of birds like Sage Grouse and her chicks , a male Ptarmigan, Rosy Finch, Lazuli Bunting, Lark Bunting and so much, much more, but also numerous Elk including an Elk and her calf, Bull and Cow Moose and a calf, a coyote, pika, marmots and so much more.  The wild flowers were spectacular.. “

Candy, Beulah MI
June 2017

Smooth and productive Colorado lifer tour!

“Six day tour of grasslands/foothills/mountains, 144 bird species, 13 lifers, oodles of non-bird wildlife, fabulous scenery, great food/lodging, and fantastic leadership. What’s not to like? Heck, we even had perfect weather! Highlights for me in the bird category were white-tailed ptarmigan, long-billed curlew, sage grouse, mt. plover, barn owl, two longspurs and a rosy finch. I didn’t expect to see so many moose and elk but there they were, all over the place. Carl knows his birds and he knows the area. He did a great job for us. Meal locations were better than I expected and when we did lunch picnics, we had plenty to choose from. Finally the participants on the tour were great too. Overall, a wonderful birding experience. I’d do another tour with Carl anytime. “

Woodsfarer, Michigan
June 2017

Knowledgeable, friendly and flexible!

Florida Birder

“Colorado Birding Adventures and Carl Bendorf provided me with the experience of a lifetime.  Carl worked with me in advance of the trip and then designed a two-day itinerary aimed at finding as many of my target birds as possible.  We spent two full days exploring Rocky Mountain National Park from Medicine Bow Curve to Wild Basin.  Popular tourist areas to out-of-the-way quiet spots, Carl knew them all.  I can honestly say that I would never have found some target species like White-tailed Ptarmigan and Brown-capped Rosy Finch without his expertise.  I look at the cost of a top-notch birding guide as an investment in the success of my trip.  With Carl Bendorf and Colorado Birding Adventures, I got my money’s worth. “

Bob Carroll, Gainesville FL
June 2017

Awesome Trip…One of our best ever!

“Awesome trip with Carl! My husband and I joined two other couples on a six-day customized tour with him and John Rutenbeck, looking for Colorado specialties. His pretrip research and planning quickly became obvious, and every evening he updated it to give us the best chance of seeing the target birds. Result: we saw 15 life birds, and enjoyed seeing many others as well. Carl is not only an expert birder and guide, but is very engaging and takes excellent care of his clients. A true professional. One of our best trips ever! “

Linda & Jim, Minneapolis MN
April 2018

We had a great time and would travel with you again

“Just birded Colorado and Kansas. Six full days. Covered much of Colorado. Saw all possible lifers (just three). Saw Gunnison Sage-grouse, Lesser Prairie-chicken and White-tailed Ptarmigan. Also Lewis’ Woodpecker, Williamson’s Sapsucker, two Rosy-finches.”  

Cal P.
April 2018