Some of the Best Birding Days I’ve Ever Experienced

Birding in Colorado was a “Rocky Mountain High” for me!

I spent two packed days of birding with Colorado Birding Adventures while my wife was in Denver on a business trip.

Those two days were easily some of the best days of birding I’ve ever experienced.

Carl Bendorf, lead guide and owner, made it an experience of a lifetime by getting me on practically all the birds I was desiring to see. (He even made a herculean effort in getting me on a White-tailed Ptarmigan in spite of striking out because of the difficult periods of snow and extreme winds at 12,000 feet. That effort was a reflection of just the kind of birding guide he is.)

I loved spending those two days with Carl, especially that very special moment between him, myself, and a Northern Pygmy Owl, which was my highest target bird on my list for the trip.

The time with Carl solidified a birding philosophy of mine, that it’s not “just” about the birds, it’s also about the birding friendships developed along the way.

My wife was busy with business and couldn’t do any birding with me while we were out there. After listening to me tell of my adventures and seeing my photos, she is excited about getting back out as soon as we can. When we return, we’ll be hooking back up with Colorado Birding Adventures.

If you’re looking for experienced, expert, and personal birding…I HIGHLY RECOMMEND… Carl Bendorf and Colorado Birding Adventures.

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