Found Species I Didn’t Even Know About!

I’ve had the pleasure of birding with Colorado Birding Adventures in both winter and summer, and both trips exceeded my expectations! My first trip was in Feb. 2018 with Christian. I had an ambitious “wish list” of species, and he found most of them. This required quite a bit of persistence and expertise; esp. for the 3-toed Woodpecker. I lived in Colorado for awhile back in the ’90s, but I had never seen the area of the Sawatch Range/Collegiate Peaks in Colorado, which was quite beautiful and Christian found many of my target birds there. Then in June 2019 I booked a trip with Carl. Initially, I was focused on Mountain Plover, Lark Bunting Green-tailed Towhee, and a few other species I was missing from my Life list, but Carl was able to utilize my ebird account to prepare a “target list” of likely birds for June in Colorado that I was missing from my life list. Well, this was fantastic and educational! I did two full days with Carl, the first in Rocky mountain National Park, and the second in the Pawnee National Grasslands, and ended up with 21 Life birds, when I really only expected 5 or 6. Wow!!! We also saw numerous mammals, including an amazing encounter with a Badger who was eating prey! I love to take photos of birds, and both Christian and Carl were patient and accommodating for this and I am so pleased with the photos. It was also wonderful that they did the driving, as birding in Colorado requires covering significant distances, so that was a HUGE bonus. These days were definitely some of the best of both my winter and summer vacations!!

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