About Us

Colorado Birding Adventures focuses on providing a comfortable and enjoyable birding experience for birders of any level.  Colorado’s scenery AND bird life are equally spectacular and our friendly, relaxed, and knowledgeable approach to field trips will make your birding adventure productive and memorable.   We pride ourselves on our commitment to professionalism, attention to detail, and prompt communications.

Carl Bendorf is owner and a principal guide for Colorado Birding Adventures.  Carl is an experienced birding guide, past president of the Iowa Ornithologists’ Union, and recently completed a third term on the American Birding Association Board of Directors. He has served as a guide for Birdwatcher’s Digest and the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival. In 2011, Carl founded Iowa Young Birders and served as Executive Director until 2015 and remains a member of the board.  Carl shared his passion for encouraging new birders in Iowa Young Birders: Story of a Startup, published by the American Birding Association. Carl and his wife Linda (Director of Blue Sage Writing) live in Longmont, CO.

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