Rocky Mountain National Park

White-tailed PtarmiganThe scenery alone is worth a trip but for birders, Rocky Mountain National Park can be paradise.  More than 270 different species have been recorded in the park--many are just passing through, but the park's specialties are what the birders seek!  Depending on the time of year, our target birds may include White-tailed Ptarmigan, Brown-capped Rosy Finch, Clark's Nutcracker, American Dipper, and more--plus there is always a chance to see some of the many mammals that inhabit the park.

Our exact destinations will vary by season but a typical itinerary may visit Trail Ridge Road, Endovalley, and Wild Basin. Depending on our destinations, we may do some walking on moderately smooth trails with some rocky sections. Our total hiking distance will depending on the specific birds you'd like to see and your activity level.

Rocky Mountain National Park is a spectacular destination year round but the wide range in elevation definitely affects both the weather and the birds.  Here is an excellent summary to help plan your visit. See the BIRDS tab for more information on what birds can be found at various time during the year.  The best time to see the most variety of birds is June to September but a visit anytime of year can be productive.  The highest parts of the park are generally not accessible from approximately November through May. 



TRAVEL ADVISORY: Beginning in Fall 2016, Highway 34 between Loveland and Estes Park may be closed for major repairs.  This will impact travelers attempting to reach Estes Park from the Ft. Collins area and should be considered in your planning. Click here for latest official updates.

  Your Rocky Mountain Birding Adventure includes:
  • Leadership by your experienced and friendly guide, Carl Bendorf
  • Comfortable transportation for up to three participants
  • Pickup and drop off in Estes Park (other locations may have mileage charge)
  • The use of field guides and quality binoculars/spotting scope
  • Tips on how to find more birds through sight and sound
  • Picnic lunch (on full day trips) and, if desired, hot coffee!
  • Park entrance fees included

Trips are subject to these Terms & Conditions.


White-tailed PtarmiganBirding Colorado by Hugh Kingery says it this way:  "The premier mountain bird-watching place in Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park has fine examples of every mountain habitat in Colorado...Superb scenery, excellent facilities, and lots of birds make Rocky a prime destination.  Easy access to each habitat and its complement of breeding species lends enchantment to a visit.   You can see mountain birds in RMNP from your car and on short or long hikes."

Depending on the time of year you visit, specialty birds we can look for in RMNP include White-tailed Ptarmigan, Dusky Grouse, Gray Jay, Clark's Nutcracker, Williamson's Sapsucker, Three-toed Woodpecker, Mountain Chickadee, Pygmy Nuthatch, American Dipper, Western Tanager, Pine Grosbeak, Red Crossbill, Townsend's Solitaire, Wilson's, MacGillivray's and Virginia's warbler, Brown-capped Rosy Finch, Black Swift, and Northern Pygmy Owl.

The park's more than quarter-million acres includes elevations from 7,700 to 14,255 feet and three major life zones: montane, subalpine, and alpine.

You can get a good idea of what birds can be found in Rocky with this bar graph courtesy of eBird.

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