Best of Colorado Summer Birding

Join us in June 2023 for a fantastic five-day birding tour to find the summer specialty birds that make Colorado a premier destination. Expect spectacular scenery, great birds, and a fun, shared adventure!

We also have occasional dates available for private custom one-day birding trips to Rocky Mountain National Park, Pawnee National Grassland, or Boulder County. Use our contact form to inquire about availability.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Birding Colorado by Hugh Kingery says it this way: “The premier mountain bird-watching place in Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park has fine examples of every mountain habitat in Colorado…Superb scenery, excellent facilities, and lots of birds make Rocky a prime destination. Easy access to each habitat and its complement of breeding species lends enchantment to a visit. You can see mountain birds in RMNP from your car and on short or long hikes.”

Pawnee National Grassland

Most birders come to the Pawnee Grasslands to find the resident breeding species including Ferruginous and Swainson’s Hawks, Golden Eagle, Prairie Falcon, Burrowing Owl, Mountain Plover, Say’s Phoebe, Rock Wren, Lark Bunting, Thick-billed and Chestnut-collared Longspur, and Brewer’s and Cassin’s Sparrows. Pawnee National Grasslands can be visited any time of year but the best birding is when the summer resident birds are active from April through August.

Boulder County Foothills

Colorado’s Front Range includes the fascinating Rocky Mountain Foothills where the vast eastern prairies transition to the mountains. We’ll explore a variety of canyons, streams, reservoirs, and more. Birding is excellent year-round with a changing mix of species throughout the seasons.